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My New Addition - Piebald MaleNERD Line Lemon Pastel FemaleVPI Snow and Axanthic het Snow  NERD Super Lemon Pastel

                                                                         2010 Male Clown  2010 Female Clown

Updated as of 7/29/2011

Thank you for visiting our website.  We are happy to offer great animals and reasonable prices to collectors and breeders alike.  DON'T FORGET TO GO TO THE CONTACT PAGE AND DROP ME AN EMAIL !!!  I had to remove my guestbook page since it kept getting hyjacked. 

Due to a very busy schedule this year, we will only be offering a few snakes for sale.  Keep an eye out for what we have to offer.  Next year should be much better.

I am very excited about the clutch that is in the incubator now.  It is a Pastel X Ollie Ball  (5 eggs)  The Ollie Ball appears to be a new morph and i am testing it out with a pastel to see if I can make a double morph.  I cannot wait to see what it might look like.

Live everyday like it is your last !!


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